Spinning to Samsaya

April 25th, 2015

Yesterday I was spinning while listening to Samsaya and her new album Bombay Calling. Did enjoy it while working out, has a couple of potential hits as well. Simen did previously ask me to provide more details about each album I listen to, to much work, instead providing a link to a review of the album

And here showing how easy it is to loose focus while working out. Just by reaching out my hand I am able to grab a beer, or booze for that matter...trying to stay strong.

One old birch down

April 25th, 2015

Last Sunday I had to take down the old birch standing next to "Grete-huset". Plenty of branches was dead and we feared that it could tip over any all time. By the help of my neighbor securing it by the help of the tractor and winch it did fall down as expected. Due to the wind helping me I did not actually need the wire rope, but better safe than sorry when it comes to doing stuff like this.

Did also cut down a tree for my neighbor close to their stable, this one we did pull down with the wire rope.

Funfact about my motorcycle

April 25th, 2015

Heading for work a couple of days ago, had to stop and take a picture of the milage counter

Yellow is the new black

April 22nd, 2015

At Oslo MC this morning, bought myself a BMW rain suit. So from now on - not wet and as sure as I can be that I will be seen when driving in bad weather

Image is nothing, safety is everything...but I did not get naked...

Road washer truck out where we live

April 22nd, 2015

Just had to take a picture of the road washer truck passing by two days ago. I was by our old barn picking up some birches and was just about to leave with the tractor when it came. They where preparing for painting of road lines which they did yesterday. Yesterday when on the phone with my dad I saw two trucks and three cars just by us doing the painting. Both of them where as strange as this one.

Powershell - Loop all regex matches

April 20th, 2015

Using log4net in this example to write output, replace with Write-Host etc if needed. Piping to Out-String being the magic here, or else you just get the object class


foreach ($m in $matches.GetEnumerator()) {
    $log.debugFormat("Matches are {0}", ($m | Out-String))

Gourmet hotdog

April 12th, 2015

Last weekend, enjoying my kinda gourmet hotdog, in a burned bread

Manual labour part #4 - Finishing it up

April 12th, 2015

Boring tv on a Saturday evening, no problem, going out to finish up my drainage project done manually with a shovel. Using the wheelbarrow to dump shingle over the drainage pipe, before covering it with non woven and then soil at the top. If I where to do it totally by the book I should have used more shingle, but since the ground is steep downhill just 1 meter from the wall there won't be to much water there anyhow. The most important part was to cover the concrete wall with foundation plastic which is done.

Using the KTS timber trailer together with my Valmet 865

April 11th, 2015

I got to borrow the KTS timber trailer which was very handy when moving many loads of timber. My Valmet 865 is very handy together with the trailer since the seat can be turned 180 degrees. Only one problem and that was to mount the hydraulic controller. It cannot be mounted on the windowsill (?) due to the trailer contact which is just below. It was possible to mount it on the arms lifting the hitch, but then I had to be really careful not touching the hydraulic button since the controller then also would go up and down. So I got Gøran at Gørans Sveis og Rep to make me a bracket. Using this the hydraulic controller is mounted much higher, which makes it easier to operate as well. If the trailer had been mine we could have created the bracket so we would not need the cargo strap, but now I use it just to be all sure that the controller want fall off.

Last three loads (for now)

Manual labour part #2 and #3 - Digging, landslide (small scale)

April 11th, 2015

After several weeks of doing nothing I continued digging. Actually it was a good thing that I had waited such a long time. The snow that had covered my ditch and then later melted had actually made the clay soft so now it was way easier to shovel it. Problem was that since it was easier to shovel the wall of the ditch was pretty unstabel. So this happened twice, imagine how much I did curse.

But, last Thursday I got to cover the wall with plastic and threw a load of shingle to cover the pipe. So at least now if I get yet another landslide the damage will not be that frustrating. Hoping to finish up everything later today.