An old pair of shoes and two new ones

August 1st, 2017

My old pair of running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Hayate 2. According to this review it has oustanding traction, but I disagree. A bit moist conditions and I do not trust the shoes at all, the conditions needs to be all dry and not a single rock or tree root for me to trust them. And the shoe sole has started to loosen from the shoe on one of them after what I consider pretty lightweight usage. So, no more Mizuno for me.

So yesterday I passed by the Sport1 outlet next to Oslo City and found two new pair of shoes which I do expect will perform way better. The Inov8 Artic Claw 300 - which is actually a winter running shoe with 16 spikes, but I will use them as terrain shoes in summer time as well. I expect them to have very good grip at all times, even in very wet conditions on rocks and tree roots. The other one, Asics Fuji Runnegade 2, does not have spikes but I also expect the grip to be way better than the Mizunos. Both shoes 700,- pr. pair, so a very good price as well.

So now I cannot complain about the shoes when in Sweden in 30 days - all ready for Icebug Challenge.

Wet car

August 1st, 2017

No side windows, plastic fantastic, but not using waterproofed tape - risky

Seems like the car would be washed pretty well both on the outside and the inside

And off course a disclaimer: I was passing by on the bus, not able to help :-)

Fresh start

July 31st, 2017

Not first day working after summer holiday, but first day at the office, giving it a fresh start, did wash my water bottle and even the whiteboard - very old doodles meaning nothing - better having a white whiteboard.

Not much, but it is a start - one cloudberry

July 30th, 2017

Out running two days ago, found a cloudberry - not much, but it is a start, tasted good at least

Sootkanalmarsjen for the first time

July 30th, 2017

Today I did for the first time the "Sootkanalmarsjen" (Soot channel march) together with number #1 and #2, click here to see the GPS tracking at Sportstracker. First of all, the diploma earned - and to make things perfectly clear, not my 28'th time, but the 28'th year the march is arranged.

The kids looking at one of the sluices, I do believe it is sluice #14 Dines Soot

Time for a break, which they had deserved.

Things to look at

And the grand finale, a swim in Setten.

Flat start of the day

July 29th, 2017

Walking by the Mondeo just to discover the rear wheel tire almost completely flat. Good thing that I have ordered four new tyres for Thursday. Hopefully I can refill it and it will last until I have driven the car to the service station.

No more cold feets

July 29th, 2017

Finally did the last touch of my styrofoam project, ensuring warm feets when having "Nye Qodlibet" or when Åkerland have their band rehearsal. Styrofoam has now been glued to the ceiling in the cellar of the old outbuilding.

My latest book "Det Svenske sviket", Eirik Veum

July 27th, 2017

"Det Svenske sviket" reveals that many Swedes were not "brothers" nor supported Norwegians in their struggle against the German occupation power and their Norwegian allies. The book shows how in many cases the Norwegian resistance struggle was opposed by Swedish citizens.

Interesting, but could have been a bit shorter without me complaining.

Running nearby Henningsvær - Glomtinden

July 12th, 2017

Yesterday we arrived at Henningsvær and the weather forecast was not that good so I decided to go for a late run yesterday evening. Drove to Rørviksvatnet and parked on the side of E10 and ran/walked up to Glomstinden. Must admit that my legs are tired after last week hardships, so I went pretty slow. So a good thing that this top is easily accessible. I was actually told today that the fishermen used back in the days to climb up to this top to try to forecast the weather. Just a quick walk and they could see all the way to Vestvågøy in the west, all of Vestfjorden and Hamarøy in the east. Hence the name "Glomtinden", the "staretop"


View west, towards Vestvågøya

View east towards Kabelvåg.

Almost back to the car, Rørvikvatnet was very calm this evening.

Exploring Å

July 10th, 2017

When in Lofoten, Moskenes and Å, the kids have been put to sleep I did go for a run in Å-Dalen, inspired by this suggestion by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). I did not go all the way, since I started pretty late, but really no need for me to continue after having reached the top anyhow.

Ågvatnet, Å and Vestfjorden

This was my goal, to see the sun and Norskehavet outside of Stokkvika.

Heading home, down by Ågvatnet again, view upwards.

Now almost back to Å

My feets are no good after this run and off course the 13 hour run 4 days ago. So I did put them in the sea water for 10 minutes.

The view when sitting at the dock with my feets in water. The mountain top where I did run about an hour ago straight ahead.