Concert last Saturday

August 11th, 2017

At Tellfortell 2017 Elin and the rest of Åkerland had their concert on Friday. I had to stay home together with the kids, but on Saturday Elin wanted to listen to Grenseland. So we all went, the kids also. They did enjoy one or two songs before getting a bit bored and then started walking around forcing me to follow them as well. So did not get to sit down and listen to the band to much, but at least Elin had a good time. Me and the boys also had fun, but not while listening to the music...

A lot of rain, but then it stopped and the sun did show. Times like these I should have had the Canon camera and not only the iPhone...

All about the not so fun stuff to do

August 10th, 2017

Being adult and own my own house is all about doing the "not so fun stuff", such as cleaning the waste container....

Foundation for the portable saw

August 10th, 2017

I have started preparing the foundation for the portable saw, one of the projects I want to finish off this year. It is all about having the proper tools available, here two tractors and the backhoe loader (funfact: It is the same age as me)

Crushed rocks, then styrofam and then premade pillars.

Pillars adjusted and even more rocks filled in the hole. Next is to remove the soil which is not needed. And then I need to get help to figure out why there is a ground fault in the electrical cable. Then fix some issues on the saw and then I can start using it.

Backhoe maintenance

August 9th, 2017

Had to change the gaskets in two of many cylinders on the backhoe digger, since they where totally worn out causing it to leak huge amounts of oil.

Tried to loosen the nut at home, but instead of loosen it I would have ripped the vise of the table. So I had to go to Westreng Maskinforretning, they have the proper tooling, including a very long pipe which I needed to get enough momentum to loosen the nut.

Heavy rain last Wednesday

August 9th, 2017

I did hitch a ride with Torgrim last Wednesday home from work, this is the view we had when passing by Råmyra

An old pair of shoes and two new ones

August 1st, 2017

My old pair of running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Hayate 2. According to this review it has oustanding traction, but I disagree. A bit moist conditions and I do not trust the shoes at all, the conditions needs to be all dry and not a single rock or tree root for me to trust them. And the shoe sole has started to loosen from the shoe on one of them after what I consider pretty lightweight usage. So, no more Mizuno for me.

So yesterday I passed by the Sport1 outlet next to Oslo City and found two new pair of shoes which I do expect will perform way better. The Inov8 Artic Claw 300 - which is actually a winter running shoe with 16 spikes, but I will use them as terrain shoes in summer time as well. I expect them to have very good grip at all times, even in very wet conditions on rocks and tree roots. The other one, Asics Fuji Runnegade 2, does not have spikes but I also expect the grip to be way better than the Mizunos. Both shoes 700,- pr. pair, so a very good price as well.

So now I cannot complain about the shoes when in Sweden in 30 days - all ready for Icebug Challenge.

Wet car

August 1st, 2017

No side windows, plastic fantastic, but not using waterproofed tape - risky

Seems like the car would be washed pretty well both on the outside and the inside

And off course a disclaimer: I was passing by on the bus, not able to help :-)

Fresh start

July 31st, 2017

Not first day working after summer holiday, but first day at the office, giving it a fresh start, did wash my water bottle and even the whiteboard - very old doodles meaning nothing - better having a white whiteboard.

Not much, but it is a start - one cloudberry

July 30th, 2017

Out running two days ago, found a cloudberry - not much, but it is a start, tasted good at least

Sootkanalmarsjen for the first time

July 30th, 2017

Today I did for the first time the "Sootkanalmarsjen" (Soot channel march) together with number #1 and #2, click here to see the GPS tracking at Sportstracker. First of all, the diploma earned - and to make things perfectly clear, not my 28'th time, but the 28'th year the march is arranged.

The kids looking at one of the sluices, I do believe it is sluice #14 Dines Soot

Time for a break, which they had deserved.

Things to look at

And the grand finale, a swim in Setten.