Oh, what a not so beatiful morning

February 26th, 2018

About to drive #3 to the kinder garten when noticing the side window on the car being shattered. Most likely there has been some tension in the glass, and when the webasto has started blowing hot air on it, while -23 outside ... it did break.

Replacing the feed pump on a Valmet 865S-4

February 24th, 2018

Thomas, my neighbour, helping me out replacing the old feed pump with a new one. The front loader does not make it easier, but luckily it was possible to reach all without removing it (which would have been impossible since the tractor did not start)

We gave it a try earlier this week, but immediately the new one did not seem to be able to fit. The new one has five screw holes, whereas the old one have only two. The new one also has a rubber gasket, which at first glance did not seem to cover the hole in the engine block. Also the fitting for the fuel pipes are pointed differently.

So the day after I did call both Økonomideler and Akershus Traktor, and both confirmed that the new one should be able to fit. And it does, but we had to bend the fuel pipe from the pump to the filter in both ends. Having done that, all fitted fine. We bleed the fuel system and the tractor started without issues. It did stop once, but hopefully that was just some which was stuck in the system. After that, it has now been running fine.

Tractor outage

February 19th, 2018

Yesterday I did notice once that my Valmet 865 was a bit difficult to start, I had to hold the key quite long for it to start. Had never happended before, so did immediately call my farmer mentor Kåre, but he could not provide a clear answer other than check the fuel system. But, since it was running fine I was hoping that it was just a single event and that all was fine. But later in the evening when going out to clear the road, after about 10 minutes of hard work (hard for the tractor, not me off course) it suddenly died. I just had to forget about getting it started. Luckily both the front loader and the snow plow as lifted. So my neigbour Thomas to the rescue, he pulled the tractor back home to the barn

Luckily he is also a car mechanic so he helped me figure out what the most likely cause is. When bleeding the fuel system he noticed that it was air in it, but we did not immediately understand why. The tractor did actually start once after bleeding it the first time, but then it stopped again when I lifted the gas pedal. When he did some more thorough investigation he found out that the feed pump leaked some air and also did not respond well when pumping. That is, it should provide some more resistance along with the fact that it is clearly sweatting diesel along with air bubbles coming out around it when we did use it manually. And when opening the fuel pipe on the injection pump almost no diesel did flow when holding the key in starting postition. So the most likely cause is a broken feed pump. New one is soon to be on its way, along with new diesel filters. Hopefully it will start without issues once it has been replaced.

Family day

February 17th, 2018

Early morning we headed for Oslo, all five going to the cinema to watch

And afterwards pizza at Peppes, the creme de la creme according to the kids.

This picture is from the construction site for the renovation of parliament, known mostly for its huge cost overrun.

Best selfie

February 17th, 2018

"phone, camera, switch camera...ops..."


February 17th, 2018

Saturday a week ago at Valfjället together with Jon Jens and the kids. Picture from the lift all the way to the top. This lift has actually not been open since 2011, but finally it is enough snow!

Nice view

February 17th, 2018

Doing cleanup of all the pictures on my phone, this one taken on the 21'st of January at home. Nice weather that day

"Stop the crane!"

February 16th, 2018

Ok, I know it is not "crane", but tap, faucet etc, etc. But "stop the crane" sounds more fun. Anyhow, its not a "stop tap", since it lacks a hyphen, but "stop the tap". Is it running away?

Blog down, now up again

February 16th, 2018

My blog had issues today, turned out that my hosting provider had upgraded PHP and that my blog did apparantly not support that version. But I could downgrade the version for my domain on the fly via the admin console. So I did, and voila, all fine again.

Remembering the snow #2

February 14th, 2018

Came home from work yesterday realizing that I was not able to see the window on our out building "Brygger'n" due to the snowbank in front of it. Read yesterday that it had not been this much snow since 1994...best winter games ever!