Close one...

October 6th, 2017

Did notice this nail in the tractor tyre here the other day, it was stuck, but luckily it had not pierced the tyre all the way.

Frontloading the frontloader

October 3rd, 2017

Finally taking my time to mount the frontloader for the old Ford 4000 that has been off for about a year.

First time downhill at Hafjell

September 25th, 2017

This weekend Espen and I finally got to spend some quality time together using the xmas-gift from our wifes ( Intention was to drive a race car, but we ended up renting downhill bikes at Hafjell. Had a lot of fun, got some air, but not big air. Espen sprained his thumb, other than that no major accidents either. Tired legs, arms hurting, knee also, apart from that, just fun. Some pictures and video as well, filmed by Espen using his GoPro.


Rats – Secret Soundscapes of the City

September 20th, 2017

Finally understood what the sound I did hear on my way to work was: "Rats – Secret Soundscapes of the City"

A stone’s throw from the white-marbled Opera house, and based on the hypothesis that rats serenade one another with love songs, Jana Winderen will record the ultrasonic landscape of Bjørvika and slow the sound down to human hearing levels.

Me, a tennis player!

September 18th, 2017

Yesterday I participated in my first tennis tournament ever. Did spend Saturday evening watching videos on Youtube (for about 10 minutes) on how to play tennis, and just minutes before my first match I had to read the rules, learing that the first serve goes to the left side, then the second to the right. Another good thing I got to know just minutes before the match was which lines was important during a single match. Must admit that I was afraid that I would not even get to serve or get the ball over the net, but I did and I only lost one of three matches without points. The two other ones was 10-3 and 10-5, pretty happy with that. And finally I got to learn that my raquet from 1990 was outdated. Conversation went like this:

Person who knew a lot more about tennis than me: "Rune, are you sure that you do not want to borrow a raquet?"
Me "Do I need to?"
Person who knew a lot more about tennis than me: "Yes!!!"
Me "....mkay..." (I was until yesterday pretty proud of just owning a raquet, but now I know what I want for xmas)

Read all about it here

Error when updating Windows service using wassservice.exe

September 15th, 2017

Trying to update the nodeagent service following the guideline found at IBM Knowledge Center failed, complaining about the value of the -username was not known.

Unrecognized parameters encountered on the command line: 'wasadmin '

It turned out that I had a slash at the end of the folder name for the washome, which then acted as an escape char for the double qoute

-washome "D:\WebSphere\AppServer\"

Changed to

-washome "D:\WebSphere\AppServer"

and all was fine.

Icebug Xperience 2017 - 3 days in Bohuslän, Sweden

September 6th, 2017

Got home Sunday evening after spending three days of running in Bohuslän, Sweden, the Icebug Xperience. A stage run, starting on Friday with 23k, then 29k on Saturday and 22k on Sunday. Really enjoyed the event, the weather was really nice all the time so I even got a slight tan in my face. My legs did not enjoy it that much, but only sore mucles, pain that will go away in a few days. I was afraid that I would get long lasting pain, but thanks to good preparations and help from naprapath Trond it went well.

It was great fun to finally run a long event, it 12 years since the last time - the 6 hours event at Eidsvoll, after that my legs did hurt to much and I had to start riding the bicycle instead. So being able to run such a distance again is really fun, and ending up as #52 overall and #46 in the mens class was way better than I could hope for, quite happy with that.

Have posted quite a few pictures on my Facebook page, and IcebugX has even more

Interview in the local newspaper

September 4th, 2017

Before going to Icebug, must admit that it did put extra pressure on me when it came in the newspaper upfront. I did say: "You have to wait until I'm finished", but I need to say it out louder the next time. Anyhow, quiting was not an opiton at least.

Rune er klar for fredagens styrkeprøve
Denne helgen skal den treningsglade karen fra Momoen bruke til å løpe Icebug Xperience, et løp i Smögen/Kungshamn-omådet der deltakerne i løpet av disse tre dagene skal tilbakelegge 74 kilometer.

– Jeg liker litt utfordringer og er glad i å løpe. Men da jeg meldte meg på i januar, var jeg usikker på om jeg kom til å klare å fullføre, men nå har jeg god tro på det, sier karen som flyttet til bygda i 2013 etter å ha funnet sin Elin, med etternavn Glede.

Han ligger på massasjebenken hos naprapat Trond Aasberg hvor legger og lår får «siste olje» og knaing før tredagersturen.

– Det ser bra ut nå, sier Åsberg mens han masserer leggmuskulaturen.

Rune Hellem, som kommer fra Mo i Rana, har konkurrert siden barnsbein av.

– Jeg har aldri levert noen store resultater, men har som mål å være på første ark av resultatlista. Ellers er det like viktig å stille opp, ikke minst i de lokale arrangementene, det være seg på sykkel, ski eller løp.

I forberedelsene til helgens styrkeprøve har han og broren gjennomført Rana Ti på topp i løpet av ett døgn. Etter 21 timer var målet nådd.

– Vi kommer neppe til å gjøre det igjen. Men en vet aldri, sier Rune smilende.

Gjennom sommeren har både turorienteringen og stolpejakta vært ledd i treningen.

– Dette er to fine tilbud jeg anbefaler alle, og en behøver ikke ha noe mål som meg å sikte mot for å delta, sier Hellem som også er med i hovedstyret i Høland IUL.

– Idrettslagene (MIUL og Høland) har vært en fin måte å komme inn i lokalmiljøet på.

I'm in need of a JCB Fastrack

August 30th, 2017

Yesterday, got overtaken by another tractor. Need to win in the lottery and buy a JCB Fasttrack to keep up with the speed of these modern tractors. I actually thought I had to slow down when he did try to overtake me, but no - I did not need to, he passed me in just a few seconds... doh!!

Fetsund timber booms

August 28th, 2017

Yesterday me and the boys went to Fetsund timber booms where we spent a couple of hours together with Kent. Nice weather and a lot of people. The two oldest ones did not want to go, they said it would be boring...did not hear them complain at all when there. Just remember to borrow a life jacket when out on the floating paths, we did not and it made me a bit stressed when carrying the youngest one and watching the two others.